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Buzzz Kill

I returned home from work early this morning to find the house was still fly free. Feeling accomplished, I went to bed and woke up around noon. I was lounging on my couch and proclaiming my victory over the flies on Facebook when something tickled my elbow. I looked down to see yet another fly. Ugh, they are persistent little insects. But no matter, they didn’t stand a chance against my glue boards. I caught another five on the board today and found three dead around the house. At least I know the insecticide is working! Having this many flies still in the house is a little discouraging, but it’s a significant improvement from yesterday. I can only hope it will get better from here.

Electra complained rather loudly all day long. She is unhappy with her new litter but I suspect she would be more unhappy with a large amount of flies buzzing about. She’s also been confined to the bedroom most of the day because I don’t want her near the insecticide. All this makes for one unhappy cat, but she will forgive me.


I have to say I’m proud of how I’ve handled this fly situation so far. There was definitely a temptation to just leave and let an exterminator do it for me. There was an equally large temptation to curl into a ball of self-pity and do nothing at all. I chose to take action though. Whether or not my efforts will be rewarded in the end is unknown. However, as the great Alex Day said, “failures still something I can say I’ve achieved.”


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