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When Everything is Wrong

The past two weeks I’ve been back in my home town planning my wedding. You could say it has been less than enjoyable. The amount of mishaps and mistakes that have happened seem to be far above normal. Of course, you expect some things to go wrong (or at least that is what people tell you to expect, I think I may still have retained some hope that everything would at least go smoothly if not perfectly). If something has to go wrong though, you hope it would be something small, easy to take care of, and be the only thing that goes wrong. You don’t expect a new emergency almost every day.

Between the nightmare of a dress fitting, the last minute addition of a bridesmaid two weeks before the wedding, surprise attendees, an incorrect price estimate from our venue, the mens tuxes being wrong, and the unmentionables (you know those things you can’t write about in case she/he/it reads this. Trust me, there are plenty of things that fall under this category) I’m beginning to feel a little overwhelmed. It’s really become difficult not to have a negative attitude towards everything wedding related. Every time a decision needs to be made I just feel exasperated. It’s like I’m keeping a silent count of everything that has gone wrong and could go wrong with each choice. Which, of course, doesn’t make anything better. It just puts me in a bad mood.

I know that throwing myself into a spiral of self pity doesn’t help, nor does it make me feel any better. So, I’m trying to pull myself out. The one thing I have found to make this experience easier is humor. My fiancĂ© and I are constantly making jokes about our latest wedding catastrophe. We’ve even been turning them into memes. A few examples are below.



All this to say, I know that I shouldn’t let it stress me out and I’m trying not to let it. When it feels like everything’s wrong I need to remember the good. I’ve still spent an awesome two weeks with my family, I still have awesome friends who are making huge sacrifices to be here, and I’m still marrying the man I love. All is well.


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