Wait, What?

A most amusing account of my journey through adulthood

Such is Life

I had such high hopes for this semester. There was so much I was going to accomplish! I was going to blog regularly, start writing a book, excel in all my classes, and make waves at work. Three of those things didn’t happen. I’ll let you guess which three. Now it’s the end of the semester and I have a pile of work waiting for me. Many days it’s far too overwhelming to think about it. Several people have asked me how I get things done anymore with all of the sleep deprivation. The answer is simple: because I have to, such is life.

It’s not as if the semester was all bad. I would say it took several unexpected turns. I made an entirely new group of friends. They call themselves my ducklings and they have been such a blessing. I’ve also lost some friends, but I would say with confidence that not having them in my life has proved beneficial. We moved to a brand new town at the drop of a hat. I rediscovered many lost memories through boxes filled with high school stuff that my mom brought down from her house. I’ve finally given in to the concept of getting a master’s degree. Albeit, I’m still not thrilled.

I’m hoping to blog about all of these things in more detail soon. For now though, I really just need to concentrate on staying awake for work.


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