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12 Days of… Poetry?

As most of you know, we recently moved to a much nicer area. Which means that we no longer have violent assaults and gang activity right outside our front door on a regular basis. Score!

Anyways, my mom came down to help us make the transition and brought six boxes of my old high school stuff with her. Most of it was junk that I immediately discarded. However, amongst the rubbish I found pure gold! Or.. at least what I consider to be gold..

I found loads of poems written by my high school self! It’s been an eerie trip down memory lane, and it’s weird to see how much I’ve changed since then. So, I thought I’d share some of them with you. Starting on the 13th, I’ll be counting down to Christmas with 12 days of poems written by my former self. I’ll also include some commentary about why they were originally written and how I feel about them now. It’ll be a fun journey in self analysis! I hope you’ll join me for it.


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