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Creative Writing: Pantoums

I’m taking Creative Writing: Poetry this semester. It has been such an awesome experience so far. I haven’t taken an english class in four years and my writing skills have definitely suffered because of it. I’m really glad to have a professor steering me back toward the land of the grammatically correct. Plus, it’s an awesome vacation from my science classes. I secretly think this is possibly the most elaborate procrastination technique ever created. Now my homework is a source of procrastination from other homework, and no one can yell at me because, technically, I’m still working. *insert evil laugh here* It’s kind of the best.

Anyway, all this to say: I wrote a poem. It’s a pantoum. This is my first pantoum, and I think it might be my new favorite form of writing poetry. The repetition of lines presents a unique challenge, and I quite like the way it worked with this poem. But instead of blathering on, I’ll just let you read it. 


Can’t Forget


No one truly forgets their first.

Your sweet lips haunt me,

And sometimes I am bitter,

And sometimes I still flirt.


Your sweet lips haunt me

On another’s face,

And sometimes I still flirt

With the idea of being together.


On another’s face

I see your cold eyes,

And the idea of being together

Makes me sick.


I see your cold eyes,

And sometimes I am bitter.

Makes me sick that

No one truly forgets their first.


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