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Don’t Feed Your Cat These Treats!

The expression “it’s one of those days” simply doesn’t cover it, and the stress is weighing on me. I feel I could really expand this to it’s one of those months, or even one of those semesters, but I’ll try not to focus too far in the past. The main stressor here is the health of our cat, Electra. Two weeks ago I noticed she had excessive eye discharge and was sneezing. She has no allergies, so we were concerned. We took her into the vet for an exam and got some antibiotics for an upper respiratory infection. Not a big deal, no need to stress. Our cat is pretty much our whole world though, so we wanted  to make sure she was taken care of properly! I couldn’t bare the thought of her being even slightly uncomfortable.

For a week we fought with our cat to administer pills, liquid antibiotics, eye cleanser, and eye drops twice a day. Needless to say, she was not a happy camper. I started to feed her a couple treats each time I gave her the meds so that it was a semi-positive experience for her. After 3 days of treats she stopped eating them. I thought maybe I had over done it, she simply wasn’t hungry, or she was so pissed she didn’t want anything I had to offer. That was fine though, because we had reached the end of the seven day antibiotic treatment and her respiratory condition seemed to have improved.

The next day she started throwing up! At first it was just bile, so I thought she might have had an upset tummy from her mini hunger strike. However, she threw up again after she had eaten. There are literally no vets open on Sundays within a 45 minute radius of our house, and the car really stresses her out, so I decided to wait till the following morning to take her in. My poor baby threw up seven times that evening. The last one was a very large  hairball, and she seemed fine after that. We thought the hairball must have been what was causing the irritation. So, at that point we decided the issue had resolved itself.

The next afternoon she threw up again, so I took her to the vet immediately. She had to have fluids inserted between her shoulders and hips because she was so dehydrated from vomiting. They gave her a drug to stop the vomiting for 24 hours, and they ran her blood work. By the end of it all the cat was covered in alcohol, partially shaved, and had at least four needles shoved in her. She looked like hell, and didn’t want anything to do with me. We got the results of the blood work back this morning. She has an elevated white blood cell count which indicates an infection of some sort. So we’re back on antibiotics for the next week, and she has to go back in to get her blood retested at the end of the week. They also found out that our cat has a muscle injury through the blood work (some protein was elevated which apparently indicates this). We have no idea where she is injured, she hasn’t been walking funny or anything, so we’re just being really really gentle with her right now.

She threw up once this evening and is not eating or drinking much. I’m really hoping this improves as the antibiotics take effect. I hand fed her water with a syringe tonight because I don’t want her to get dehydrated again. It’s all very heartbreaking, and I find myself crying like an idiot more often than not. She’s my baby though, and it’s just awful watching her suffer.

She’s sleeping on the couch beside me right now. I’m glad she’s been able to find a little rest. I’m convinced the infection came from those damn Temptations cat treats. It’s the only thing in her environment that has changed, and after she got sick we found several negative reviews online. Pet owners are claiming that Temptations has caused everything from infections, to kidney failure, and even death in relatively young cats. Furthermore, there are similar negative reviews associated with other Whiskas products, and it’s still on the shelves!!! Please, don’t feed your cat Whiskas brand food or treats. It’s not worth it!


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