Wait, What?

A most amusing account of my journey through adulthood

This is Me

This is a girl who has freckles on her lips. Although, to be fair, she has freckles, well, everywhere. She used to try to find cool ways to connect the dots. To date her favorite is three freckles on her left forearm that form a perfect equilateral triangle. She used to draw the Triforce between those three freckles.

This is a girl who almost always has her phone on her. It’s usually being held between her teeth, because who needs a purse when you have two hands and a mouth to carry things? That is, until she gets lost in a project or book. It’s not even intentional really.. She just becomes immersed in the task at hand and completely forgets about that text you sent her an hour ago.

This is a girl who has serious wanderlust. Put her in the same town with the same routine for a couple months and she will be itching for new experiences. Day trip to the closest state park? Impromptu visit to that one acquaintance that moved away? 12 hour flight to England? She’s ready.

This is a girl who enjoys taking photos on her Iphone camera. She takes too many of her cat, and will probably try to capture your pets too. She’s intrigued by the shade of green in that field you just walked by, and would love to snap a pic of the way those leaves fit around that nest just so. She often wonders if she’s oversharing, which is why her Instagram has considerably more photos than her Facebook.

This is a girl who was super envious of pin straight hair in high school. She never could seem to get the hang of hair styling. There was always that one section in the back, or those fly aways in the front. No matter, she’s since learned to accept her hair for what it is. She now lets it poof to its full frizzy glory with pride.

This is a girl who has not one, not two, but three “secret” blogs. She loves to write, but fiction isn’t her thing. She writes what she knows, often with a little artistic flair, but still very much her life. These writings are secret from most, but she dreams of sharing them someday. Maybe years down the line, long after the events discussed have passed, she’ll feel more comfortable.

This is a girl who will always have a fresh scratch. She loves animals, and she will cuddle that cat until it does not want to be cuddled anymore. That, or she was probably rough housing with your dog. Either way, scratches are a part of life. Nay, a way of life.

This is a girl who used to fear scars. It was vanity, admittedly, but in high school and college it seemed like one of the worst things that could happen. She could accept temporary things; a big ugly black eye wouldn’t bother her, but the huge scar she got on her right arm before her engagement photos broke her heart. Now she has more stretch marks than she could possibly count, spanning all across her body, and she doesn’t mind it. She’s learned to see her body as beautiful, but also jokes to herself that it was a lesson in humility from God.

This is a girl who loves freely. Whether it be a new friend, an old friend, an acquaintance that did her wrong, or an ex that doesn’t deserve it, she loves. To her it seems to be both the simplest thing, and the hardest thing to do. All she really knows is that people are valuable, and everyone wants to feel loved and accepted. She wants to help with that. Besides, she thinks hate is pretty exhausting.

This is a girl who acknowledges she’s a work in progress. She still has a lot to learn. There’s so much she wants to see, do, touch, feel, experience, and share. She wants to practice the fine art of humility in success: looking back on all she’s accomplished with pride while looking forward at how much more she can grow.

This is a girl who can face her toughest challenges with a smile and a giggle. Some say her humor is a coping tool, and to be fair it probably is to some degree. But sometimes things are just funny, and it’s nice to laugh.

This is me, and I love me.


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