Wait, What?

A most amusing account of my journey through adulthood

Here’s to No More Secrets

A while ago I made a decision. I made a decision that I wasn’t going to live this lie anymore. I didn’t want to hide any part of me. I started small, told a few friends here or there, and obsessed over how to tell everyone else. Maybe if I say it like this, maybe if I’m dressed like that, maybe if it comes at this time, or through this third party, everything will be alright. I wrote a script, and I sat with it. I edited it. I trimmed. I added. I tried not to filter, because the whole point of this was not to filter, and then I sat with it some more. For months I have debated with myself. I have counted the pros and cons, and acknowledged what I may lose by simply being honest. But what I have to gain.. what I have to gain is myself. What I have to gain is a life where Kaitlyn can just be Kaitlyn. What I have to gain is a life without anxiety about my secret being found out. I believe that everything good comes from honesty, and I hope I’m not wrong. So without further delay, here is my secret.


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